About James Kim, Home & Property Inspector

I have over 15 years experience in property inspection and over 16 years experience running a general contracting company, Apple Construction. I graduated with a degree in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, so I have a deep understanding of structural engineering. I can go beyond the 200 page checklist report to really understanding a property's strengths and potential issues. Most importantly, I can explain it to you so that you can feel confident in your own home.

Based in San Fernando Valley, I am available to inspect your property in Los Angeles or Ventura Counties.

Why Choose a James Kim Inspection?

  • CREIA Standards

    California Real Estate Inspection Association Standards are the foundation of every fundamentally sound real estate property inspection. Every home & property inspection will include a comprehensive, 200+ page ITA Matrix property report, which I will hand over to you in a 3 ring binder at the conclusion of my inspection.
  • Structural and Foundation Analysis

    If you have a home or property on a hillside or elevated or old foundation, be sure to give me a call. Many home inspectors can complete a checklist just fine, but very few are qualified to give you structural and foundation analysis. With a B.S. in Civil Engineering from the Illinois Institute of Technology, I can include expert analysis and advice on your structural and foundational situation, saving you the cost and hassle of finding a specialist.

  • Experience That Matters

    Besides being a home & property inspector, I have experience as a work-with-my-hands contractor, real estate broker, property general manager and structural engineer. In other words, I have the all-around knowledge, experience and perspective to help you reach your goal. So go ahead and hit me with your best questions!

James Kim Qualifications:

  • B.S. in Civil Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology
  • 16 years experience in home, real estate property inspection
  • 18 years owning full service construction company, Apple Construction, LLC
  • General Engineering Contractor CA License #: A. 695000
  • General Building Contractor CA License #: B. 695000
  • Former Civil Engineer in bridge constructing industry
  • Involved in Southern California's real estate market for over 25 years
  • Go-To lecturer on property inpection basics for several San Fernando Valley real estate organizations

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